What We Do

We don’t just create swag, we create swagger! We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind custom designs, primarily for the video game and entertainment industries. We pour our passion and attention to detail into every piece from the initial concept to the finished product.

We also produce and deliver those designs as resalable merchandise or promotional items. We can handle print runs of any size, whether 100 staff jackets or 10,000 shirts for your next fan event. We’ve done it all!

Our shirts always fit right and feel soft to the touch. Contact us to request a sample and see for yourself.

Need backup? Call in the Weapons Van!

Need Backup? Call in the Weapons Van!

Customize your apparel loadout to fit your exact needs like the CAPCOM team did with us on this project for 1942: First Strike.

Combining inspired art direction and visual flair, we began with the concept of vintage bomber girl pin-up art. Then we incorporated two eye-catching signature CAPCOM elements, the Yashichi symbol and Cammy from Street Fighter – now redressed in USO attire!

This collaboration with CAPCOM highlights Weapons Van’s key strengths: identifying recognizable and beloved brand elements of an IP, and remixing them in new, exciting ways with superior quality execution.

We aim to make a design that not only resonates powerfully with fans, but also stands on its own as a piece of art. We care deeply about artistic vision!

With You Every Step of the Way

Weapons Van actively communicates with you every step of the way, confirming approvals on not only the initial concept, but also the sketches as the design develops.

Weapons Van doesn’t just create excellent designs, we also carefully reproduce those designs on a variety of merchandise including apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets, as well as posters, tote bags, and more!

With 1942: First Strike for example, we created an authentic A-2 leather bomber jacket with our design proudly adorning the back as a promotional giveaway item.

Drive Engagement with Fans

The power of our work can transform your IP while bolstering its integrity, breathing new life into fan engagement! Our innovative design helped capture fan imagination, inspiring not only cosplayers, but also the professional actors at CAPCOM’s E3 booth.

Contact us today to help you develop your brand and create something truly unique that your fans will love!

Our Clients

We’re honored to have worked with all of these amazing companies over the years.